Hi. I’m Jeff Silvestrini. I was elected to an initial three-year term as Mayor of Millcreek in 2016. Now, in 2019, I am running for re-election, this time for a full four-year term.

My wife, Leslie and I have lived in Millcreek for more than 30 years. Our two daughters, Liz and Jill, both graduated from Eastwood Elementary, Churchill Jr. High, and then Skyline High School.

I am a lawyer by trade. I practiced business and other types of litigation for forty years. When I was first elected as Mayor of Millcreek in 2016, I stepped back from my practice to focus my full efforts on getting our new city up and running.

“Building a new city takes commitment and determination. Jeff has shown his leadership through his forward-looking vision, productivity, and dedication to the residents of Millcreek City.”

– Lisa Bagley, Millcreek resident, former chair for Utah Legislative District 36

I have enjoyed my almost three-year tenure since the time Millcreek incorporated in late December, 2016. Together with a terrific city council, I believe I have accomplished a great deal to get Millcreek off to a solid start as Utah’s newest and 10th largest city.

Jeff hiking

Starting a new city has been a challenging and invigorating job. The City Council and I have built a transparent city government that our residents trust. Our efforts toward transparency were recognized with an award for ethical leadership from the David Eccles School of Business at the “U.” Our outreach to involve Millcreek residents in planning the future of our city has been commended throughout the state by municipal and state leaders alike.

The launch of Millcreek Promise program I started early on in the process has afforded after-school programs for Millcreek school children in need and encouraged dozens of volunteers to work to improve educational outcomes for Millcreek youth while building connections and community.

My representation of Millcreek’s interests on the Wasatch Front Regional Council, the Utah League of Cities and Towns and the Salt Lake County Council of Governments, as well as many other boards, has enabled Millcreek’s voice to be heard. I am also proud to have been able to procure $22 million in grant funding for roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, school programs, arts, parks, open space and planning for our city.

Millcreek’s economic development efforts have increased jobs, numbers of businesses and tax revenues, all to the benefit of our residents.

I have increased the number of police officers serving Millcreek through discovery of budgeting errors and leaving the SLVLESA taxing district, at no additional cost to our taxpayers.

Everything that we have accomplished since incorporation has been done while observing sound, responsible fiscal management — without any tax increases.

At the urging of many Millcreek residents who value the progress we have made and who hope for more of the same, I am pleased run for a second term as Mayor of Millcreek. I pledge to continue my efforts to deliver transparent, responsive government. I look forward to guiding the implementation of all that we have set in motion to improve our city’s infrastructure and our quality of life in Millcreek, while responding to the challenges we face.

With your help, I want to continue to serve our residents as Mayor of the City of Millcreek.

“Jeff’s voice is respected in the legislature. He’s a great advocate for Millcreek and progressive issues and is a great Mayor. That’s why I endorse his campaign for re-election.”

– Sen. Jani Iwamoto, Utah Legislature, Senate District 4

Jeff Silvestrini, Millcreek Mayoral Candidate, and his family in a gondolaLiz, Jeff, Leslie and Jill — Silvestrini family time in a gondola!