Ober, Ann 2016-04-06-33 cropped“During his years of community council service, Jeff has demonstrated that he respects civil public process, and welcomes input from his constituents.”

– Shonnie Hays, former Mt. Olympus Community Council member and pro-incorporation leader

Hi. I’m Jeff Silvestrini.  My wife, Leslie, and I have lived in Millcreek for 29 years.  Our two daughters, Liz and Jill, both graduated from Eastwood Elementary, Churchill Jr. High, and then Skyline High School.  I am an attorney with more than 36 years’ experience negotiating solutions for my clients.

For most of past three decades, I have worked hard in Millcreek at “building community.” I am honored to have been repeatedly elected to serve as chair of the Mt. Olympus Community Council, chair of the Millcreek Township Council, and president of the Association of Community Councils in Salt Lake County. Through these and many other volunteer boards, I have worked and lobbied for the adoption of statutes, ordinances and policies to preserve and improve the quality of life in Millcreek and the natural beauty of its environs.

Jeff hikingIn the trenches, I have helped to solve hundreds of concerns expressed by Millcreek residents, from speeding to zoning issues, from street repairs to code violations.  As a specific recent example, through my efforts, neighborhood residents now have a voice in resolving Granite School District’s Eastwood Elementary parking issue.  I’ve also worked to get grant monies to build the Millcreek Community Center and fund Venture Outdoors, Movie Nights, and our new Arts Council, among other projects in Millcreek.

With your help, I want to continue to serve our residents as Mayor of the City of Millcreek.

A few articles showing Jeff’s involvement over the years:

Salt Lake Tribune, 7/13/2015, Trib Talk: The debate over Salt Lake County townships.

Deseret News, 2/19/14,  Are Salt Lake County Residents Ready for a New Form of Government?

Salt Lake Tribune, 2/5/11, Mount Olympus: Where Homes Meet Hills.

KSL, 3/2/07, Is Flood Basin Necessary in Neff’s Canyon? and Millcreek Township Newsletter, Feb-Mar 2007, Neff’s Canyon: A Community Discussion 

Family photo

Liz, Jeff, Leslie and Jill — Silvestrini family time in a gondola!