Anti-incorporation leader Glen Worthington believes in Jeff, despite Jeff’s support of the incorporation campaign.  Glen explains why:

“I voted in 2012, together with a majority of registered voters, against becoming a city. Three years later, I lobbied heavily against incorporation. This time, the anti-incorporation effort lost, and Millcreek is scheduled to become a city effective January 2017.

Glen Worthington endorses Jeff

Glen Worthington endorses Jeff

Every city that has incorporated in the past 40 years in Salt Lake County has had controversial, and sometimes costly and politically, negative events. Some have quickly discovered best practices, while others continue to swirl in controversy and poor choices.

Our community has many opportunities to learn from both the successes and mistakes of others. We can choose the best and build other parts suited to our unique situations as well.

Let’s not make this an experiment. Let’s instead choose a solid leadership base for the new city, with the mayor taking the lead position.

Here are some of the reasons I believe Jeff Silvestrini is the best choice for us now:

• Jeff is a bridge builder. He understands the broad range of community culture needs and opportunities, from the Jordan River to the foothills of Mount Olympus. Many strong emotions were expressed on both sides of the incorporation issue. He was on the opposite side of the issue from me. Yet he was able to find commonalties between both sides, and bring the discussion back to civility.
• Jeff has demonstrated his passion for Millcreek, having been the Chair of both the Mount Olympus community and the broader Millcreek Township Community Councils, deeply involved in the evolution of our community. He is not an opportunist of last year’s election.
• Jeff is a very well-respected lawyer. I have been told, unsolicited by other lawyers, of the respect and even-keel Jeff demonstrates in the legal community. He is not on an ego trip or in the race for personal gain, but has sincere concern for the Millcreek community.
• Jeff listens to the community. I know, from speaking to those potentially impacted by a rezoning of a strip of property near I-215, that he listened, and then backed those who could be impacted, while explaining a balance in the possibilities for the good of the larger community. Jeff will not lead or be led by clever deceptions.
• Jeff is not a developer and has no ties to developers. He has always disclosed any conflicts of interest and then recused himself from the fray. That makes him an ideal mayor.
• Jeff has demonstrated that he works well with all cultures in the new city of Millcreek. He doesn’t discriminate for or against any group or demographic, both in our city and the larger surrounding communities we will live and interact with.
• Jeff has always been a gentleman, rational in thought, answering differences in perspective with respect and able to articulate his perspective. This consistent behavior has been respected by those on the other side of the issue.
• We need to come together in our existing neighborhoods as a new city. Jeff really connects across the differences. He will clearly be a representative of all the community and not subject to the highest bidder.”

— Glen Worthington, lifetime (64 years) resident of Millcreek,
and anti-incorporation leader