September 19th Governance Committee meeting

This coming Monday, September 19, 2016, at 6:00 p.m., the eight Millcreek City Council candidates and now-presumptive Mayor Jeff Silvestrini will meet with the all-volunteer Governance Committee. Residents are encouraged to attend. The public is invited will have an opportunity to speak.

The location will be the Millcreek Community Center, 2266 East Evergreen Avenue.
The topics of discussion this week are:
1. The candidates’ vision, priorities and goals for our new City.
2. Discussion of RFP for MSD feasibility study prior to public release

Minutes from previous meetings and documents presented to the candidates can be found here.

Fred Healey Drops From Race

Fred Healey dropped out of the race for Mayor in early August due to unfortunate health issues. See Deseret News article: Healey withdraws from Millcreek mayoral race. I wish him, Jill, and the rest of his family, all the best.

Thank you, Fred, for your endorsement and the ongoing help you’ve offered to help our new city get up and running.

Earlier in the summer, along with city council District 1 candidates, mayoral candidates Jeff Silvestrini and Fred Healey campaigned at the annual Millcreek Bicycle Rodeo.  The announcer led the children in dance competitions.  He then coerced Jeff and Fred to show the crowd their best Elvis impressions.  Neither was impressive.  Good thing they aren’t trying to get jobs in Las Vegas.