The following individuals and groups have proudly endorsed Jeff Silvestrini for a second term

Your City Council

Dwight Marchant

Bev Uipi

Silvia Catten

Cheri Jackson

Your Community Council Chairs

Nancy Carlson-Gotts (East Millcreek Community Council)

David Baird (Mt. Olympus Community Council)

Jeff Waters (Canyon Rim Citizens Association)

Diane Angus (Millcreek Community Council)

 Your Public Safety Leaders

Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Association (UPD)

Unified Fire Authority Firefighters (UFA)

Rep. Ben McAdams

Your County Council

Ann Granato

Jim Bradley

Max Burdick

Steve DeBry

Aimee Winder Newton

Richard Snelgrove

 Your State Legislators

Jani Iwamoto

Patrice Arent

Mark Wheatley

Gene Davis

Elizabeth Weight

Carol Spackman Moss

Joel Briscoe

Other Salt Lake County Mayors

SLCo Mayor Jenny Wilson

Taylorsville Mayor Kristie Overson

Holladay Mayor Rob Dahle

Cottonwood Heights Mayor Mike Peterson

 Your Community Leaders

Aimee McConkie

The Utah Cultural Alliance

Fred Healey

Scott Howell

Tom Love

Glen Worthington

Christine Balderas

Equality Utah

Russ Booth

Black Caucus Salt Lake County Democrats

Ed and Lisa Bagley

Central Utah Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO)



“We encourage all voters who love the humanities and arts to support… Jeff Silvestrini for Millcreek Mayor.” — Utah Cultural Alliance

“I have worked with Jeff on our mutual legislative priorities. Jeff always made himself available to testify at committee hearings and was very responsive. His voice is respected in the legislature. Jeff is a great advocate for Millcreek and progressive issues and is a great Mayor. That’s why I endorse his campaign for re-election.” — Senator Jani Iwamoto

“Having campaigned and worked with you in the creation of our new city, Ed and I would be happy to give you our endorsement for your reelection bid for Millcreek Mayor.  Building a new city takes commitment and determination.  You have shown your leadership through your forward-looking  vision, productivity, and dedication to the residents of Millcreek Ctiy.” — Ed and Lisa Bagley (former legislative chair for District 36), Millcreek residents

“Salt Lake County Firefighters Local 1696 is proud to endorse you as candidate for Mayor of Millcreek City. You have been an advocate for the residents of Millcreek and the employees of Unified Fire Authority during your tenure as Mayor. During your time on the Unified Fire Authority Board you have supported constant positive change. Your leadership and attention to detail has allowed UFA to continue to improve and serve its residents more effectively. You have consistently supported the employees of the UFA while staying financially conservative. Through your work to increase transparency UFA has grown stronger. We appreciate you listening to Local 1696’s concerns and feedback. We know that every decision you make you have employee interests as a chief interest. We thank you for your service to the residents of Millcreek City and we look forward to working with you for years to come.” — Salt Lake County Firefighters Local 1696

“I am happy to endorse your candidacy. I wish you all the best and hope you win!”  — Rep. Carol Spackman-Moss

“I have seen first hand the Mayor’s enthusiasm and commitment to Millcreek. He works full time as an advocate, leader, and ally for every resident in this city. Jeff is sharp, effective, and always prepared to do what is right. His extraordinary vision for a well-thought-out, safe, clean, and vibrant city has propelled Millcreek in the right direction. He has my unwavering support for reelection, as I know he will continue to be an engaged public servant for every neighborhood in Millcreeek.” — Millcreek Councilmember Silvia Catten (District 1)