Leadership in Millcreek


Here are just a few of the many projects in which Jeff’s volunteer leadership over the years has benefited Millcreek residents:

Games at Venture Outdoor

  • Venture Outdoors
  • Millcreek Venture Out Movie Nights
  • Millcreek Township News: publishing and writing
  • Millcreek Incorporation- Spokesman for 2012 campaign; advisory board for 2015 campaign
  • Millcreek Community Center
  • Study for potential Town Center concept at 2300 East and 3300 South
  • West Millcreek RDA public process
  • Mount Olympus Community Clean-up/Day of Service
  • Millcreek Sidewalk Plan
  • Walk Millcreek
  • Millcreek Township Prepare Fair
  • Millcreek Township Wildland Fire Clinic
  • Millcreek General Plan
  • ACCT training for Community Council representatives
  • Community Emergency Response Team (training)
  • Grandeur Peak Open Space (fund raising)
  • Improvements at Tanner Park, Canyon Rim Park, Big Cottonwood Fortuna Park, and Upper District Millcreek Park (grant applications)
  • Millcreek Community Center gym (grant application)
  • Reduction of Salt Lake City water rates for Millcreek residents


Jeff has served on many volunteer commissions, committees, and boards.  Here is a sampling:

  • Mt. Olympus Community Council, member, current chair
  • Millcreek Township Council, current treasurer, past chair
  • Association of Community Councils in Salt Lake County, former chair and memberJeff4Millcreek campaign logo
  • Mayor’s Community Preservation Committee
  • Salt Lake County Boundary Commission
  • Mayor’s Foothills and Canyons Blue Ribbon Commission
  • Millcreek Community Center Steering Committee/Design Team
  • Mayor’s committee to recommend candidates for executive over suburban townships and metropolitan services
  • County Council’s H. B. 40 Survey Committee