Sustainability is an important part of making our new city a great place to live and play. Toward that end, at my direction during my first term, Millcreek has:

  • Purchased fuel efficient city vehicles, including hybrids.
  • Installed car-charging stations at City Hall.
  • Acquired new open space on Grandeur Peak.
  • Been exploring renewable energy options for the City, including adopting a resolution that satisfies the recent HB411.
  • Joined the Jordan River Commission to help preserve the Jordan River corridor
  • Joined the Central Wasatch Commission to help protect the resources of the Wasatch Mountains and Millcreek Canyon.
  • Provided a subsidized rain barrel program for Millcreek residents.
  • Participated in a public education and outreach program to educate residents and businesses about the importance of keeping water clean.
  • Inspected and monitored more than 30 construction sites to ensure construction related pollutants are properly contained and disposed of on-site; coordinated with SL County Health Dept to track and enforce any illegal dumping into the storm drain system or waterways.