Campaign Kickoff at Granato’s Huge Success!

With thanks to all you supporters out there, and a big shout-out to Sam Granato, our Jeff4Millcreek kickoff event at Granato’s on March 2nd was a huge success.  Experienced campaigners told us they’d never seen such a large turnout for the first event of a campaign.  People from all parts of Millcreek attended to hear Jeff explain his vision for our new city, and why he is the best candidate in the race.  His passion was evident in his remarks.


Jeff Silvestrini with supporters

Rita Lund, Leslie Reberg, and Dina Blaes join Jeff to celebrate


Crowd at Jeff4Millcreek kickoff

Part of the crowd at Granato’s wanting to hear Jeff’s ideas on making Millcreek an ever better place to live, work and play.

Glen Worthington endorsement

Glen Worthington publically endorses Jeff as reasonable, collaborative and well experienced.

Jem Keller and Lisa Bagley

Millcreek City Council candidates Lisa Bagley, District 4, and Jem Keller, District 3.

Jennifer Hasty

Jennifer Hasty, pleased to support Jeff, is donating and signing up to volunteer.

Jim Bradley

Commissioner Jim Bradley lends a hand.


Jeff Silvestrini


These and more photos of this event were posted on Facebook at Jeff4Millcreek on Saturday, March 5, 2016