Millcreek is required by state law to remain in the Municipal Services District (“MSD”) for the first six months of 2017.  Millcreek may give notice of its intent to opt out.  But before a final decision is made, state law requires the city to conduct a feasibility study. This study must assess the cost of leaving the MSWest Millcreek economic development areaD.

A public hearing is required to explain the feasibility study before the city council votes to exit the Municipal Services District for good.

I would give the required notice for Millcreek to leave the MSD as soon as possible after I became mayor.

I would do this for at least three reasons:

1) The voters decided by a 2-1 margin to not join the MSD if Millcreek remained a township.

2) There are functions a city must do for itself to have an identity, like planning and economic development. Staying in the Municipal Services District would not allow us to control our funding.  Nor would we be able to customize the services we receive.

3) I am confident I can negotiate the best deals for Millcreek and better design the correct levels of service we need. I am familiar with and have good relations with county and neighboring city officials. As a lawyer, I have 36 years of experience in negotiating.

Only if the feasibility study showed that we would be jumping off of a cliff would I reconsider a decision to leave.  We would want to be sensible if we would otherwise be creating a disaster.

I am confident that the feasibility study is going to show us the same thing the incorporation study showed.  Millcreek is viable.  It will only become more viable as we devote attention to appropriate economic development to improve our tax base.

The reasons to leave the MSD will far outweigh any reason to stay in it!


Jeff Would Give Notice to Leave the MSD